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The Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation exists to support the inspiring work of Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem, which is located just 1,500 steps from the birthplace of Christ. This Catholic teaching hospital is a state-of-the-art maternity and neonatal critical care center serving women, infants, and children throughout the Holy Land.


The Hospital stands as a beacon of hope for poor and at-risk families in the Bethlehem region, nearby desert villages, and refugee camps. The Hospital and its Mobile Clinic provide quality medical care to all, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay.


No one is ever turned away.

“Your generous donation doesn’t just change lives, it brings lives into the world. At Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem, 89 babies take their first breath each week. Thanks to you, every mother and baby receives the very best healthcare with compassion and dignity. In a land of walls and division, love prevails — no one is ever turned away.”
Kate Robinson, Foundation Director, Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation

The Hospital and its Mobile Clinic have impacted more than 1 million lives since 1990. The Hospital operates the only NICU in the region able to deliver and care for babies born before 32 weeks. 4,700 babies are delivered each year, 470 at-risk babies given neonatal care each year, and 45% of patients are refugees.


An instrument of peace, the Hospital has provided more than 190 jobs for Palestinian families — making it Bethlehem’s second largest employer. In this area of conflict, the Hospital unites Christians and Muslims who work together every day to foster peace through medicine; sponsors continuing medical education for nurses and midwives; hosts conferences for Palestinian, Israeli, European, and American clinicians, encouraging collaboration; and partners with Peres Peace Center and Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem for lifesaving procedures.

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